why a sliding scale business in grays harbor?

So as the only public sliding scale business on the Harbor I am definitely seeing some confusion as to why I’d even do this.

And one person has criticized me sharply for operating this way.

Let’s clear the air, yes?

It’s time to get real.

If all I did was offer a yoga space with a flat pricing fee, the price per class would be anywhere from the $20 – $30 you typically see per class.

Realistically only certain members of the community could participate regularly. This would start shifting the community to sort of a status/elite arrangement.

A clique, not a community.

And in fact many yoga studios are a bit of a social club with a certain type of client. So people aren’t just paying for yoga, they’re paying to mix with their own class.

I get it. It feels good, it feels comfortable.

What’s weird is I know if I did those things – if I created an atheltic-elite space – I’d succeed at getting the attendance I need and I’d make money and I could just be part of the gentrifying force that is creeping in to Grays Harbor.

I’m not ever going to do that.

Little Switch will fail and close, before I ever start to create that kind of space.


One thing I’ve been learning is: some people really don’t want to mix with “other types” of people. And the snobbery goes both ways by the way, not in whatever direction you”re assuming.

It’s a discouraging thought, but I”m a tenacious person I am going to hang on with my fingernails to the possibility that we can have an integrated community.

Do I worry that Little Switch will fail?


But understand me here:

I am not worried about not being able to pay my space’s rent. I am not worried about spending hours, days, weeks, months trying to build something – and having it fail.

I’m pretty good at failing.

I am REALLY worried about finding out that at the end of the day, Grays Harbor doesn’t want to be an integrated community.

I just don’t want to learn that, if that’s the truth.

But if that’s the truth, I’m going to have to learn it. I’m going to have to go through all that malarky to find out, and it’s going to crush me a bit, and I’ll crawl out of the muck like the grifty little cockroach I truly am.

Are you wondering how you can help?

The best way you can keep Little Switch going is to join as a Member – whether or not you plan to practice often, or at all.

This best helps me know I can meet expenses, which lets me focus on quality programming.

Membership also helps me BUILD MORE COMMUNITY OUTREACH, because I’m not hustling to pay the bills.

The second-best way you can help, is to apply for a work scholarship – through that same Members link above. Please understand that Little Switch, as simple a premise as it is, takes a lot of overheard and time to run. Anyone willing to put some time in, is helping so much more than they realize! And consistent, reliable help is more important than offering a huge quantity of help. So for instance, someone who shows up once a week to swiffer the floor, and who does this weekly, is worth five-thousand-percent more than someone who just wishes the project well, or Likes my posts on social media. This isn’t because social media is worthless, it is because social media suppresses content unless we pay for ads – something we aren’t doing, and hope to avoid.

The third-best way you can help, is simply to join my email list and try to read my emails when they show up.

I appreciate everyone who has read this post!


This little project is more precarious than people may realize. I’m going to give it my best, and hope that others step in.

And for everyone who attends classes – and most especially Members –

Thank you for providing the financial stability we need to survive!

why a sliding scale business?

A sliding scale business model is rare – but I choose to believe it’s still a wise build when engineered well.

In a sliding scale, either the business sets the criteria for the rate the client is charged, or the client chooses the rate they wish to pay.

I have chosen the latter option.

Since I am trusting you to self-select, I ask that you take responsibility for that choice. I don’t need any “advice” or criticism about the structure itself.

You can trust me that I’ve done the math correctly. 🙂

My Membership page hosts a pretty thorough explanation and provides multiple options for participating with Little Switch. I always tell interested parties to make sure to read it carefully before committing.

If the implications of the sliding scale is too stressful for you and you don’t want to apply for work scholarship, you can always pay the regular per-class fee.

I also gently remind anyone reading here that there are so many other yoga options out there. Little Switch won’t be for everyone!

Given you want to read on, here’s what you need to know:

Little Switch’s sliding scale lets you self-select your level, trusting that you’ve read through the material and made the choice right for you. Please do not reach out to criticize or “advise” me on the conditions therein. 

I will be regularly sharing the expenses and efforts of running Little Switch through email and social media. This is not only for my sake and for Little Switch’s sake, but to better inform the community I’ve seen too many wonderful projects fall apart due to the burn-out of the facilitator, who does not share the load.

Little Switch does have a corporate mentality. Little switch has a community mentality, and a collective set-up. That sounds well and good but it can be difficult for some people to get their head around. Some people always suspect some kind of egregious profit motive. That’s just not the case here. My mission is to provide a clean, reliable, electric yoga space and I am more transparent than most businesses in how I do this.

Please remember that creating this space and organizing this space takes a great deal of effort and considerable expertise. I am not in need of business advising at this time.

Thank you so much for your careful consideration and ALL forms of support you provide!

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