Testimonials for Agni Hogaboom of Little Switch Yoga - Grays Harbor, Aberdeen, and Hoquiam Washington

“This is the most inclusive I’ve ever felt in a yoga class.”

– Katie H.

“Agni! The team is RAVING about their time with you. We are so grateful and lucky to have you in our community. I am bummed that I had to miss it but am so grateful that the team got this medicine today.”

– Astrid A.

“I’ve missed yoga so much, I can’t even tell you how happy I am that you have created this new space, so grateful!”

– Jaclyn S.

“On the Solstice [2023], I had a stress stomach ache all day. Everything I had to do was physically making me ill. When I arrived at the studio to provide my Solstice Intention Setting tarot reading for Agni’s Yoga class, my stomach was aching so bad I had to lay my seat back and breathe. I almost cancelled or at least wasn’t going to join in yoga after my reading.

“Like magic, the second I stepped foot into the studio and said Hi to Agni and Ralph, my stomach ache vanished !!! I’m not kidding!!!

“All this to say, your body will tell you where you’re supposed to be. I wasn’t ill anymore AND I felt good, joyful, relaxed, and had no issues doing the yoga practice (other than Agni’s killer balancing poses !!! Bravo to all who held them!)”

– Holly H.

“Went to my first yoga class today [at Little Switch]. After having a trying day and really a trying month, it was what I needed mentally and physically. I was always nervous about going but it was welcoming and amazing and I didn’t feel self conscious at all. Thank you Agni.”

– Heidi B.

“Your classes always feel gentle (not easy, but gentle) and then I suddenly feel muscles I didn’t know I had for the next few days.”

– Kylie O.

“I can already feel the difference. I am having an easier time with the things I do around the house.”

– Barb S.

Land acknowledgement:

Little Switch Yoga is located on the ancestral lands of the Chehalis, Chinook, Quinault, and Shoalwater Bay peoples.

Little Switch Yoga
1941 Riverside Ave Suite 4
Hoquiam, WA 98550