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Please read thoroughly and carefully.

Types of Membership at Little Switch Yoga - Grays Harbor, Aberdeen, and Hoquiam Washington

Memberships at Little Switch Yoga are based on a sliding scale.

For a sliding scale to work, potential Members need to carefully read the materials on this page and decide the level they want to subscribe to.

Rather than having ME make that decision, I am asking each Member to take responsibility for their choice and their attendant feelings about their choice.

You can trust me, that I’ve done the math properly.

All Memberships have lifetime access to all regular weekly group classes.

All Memberships are for one specific individual within each family unit.

It is tempting to see Membership solely as a way to save money on yoga classes.

However, the main purpose of Membership is to provide stability so Little Switch can continue to provide no-cost yoga classes, perform yoga outreach, and bring yoga to those who cannot afford class fees.

Please read the Membership Agreement, as well as the Code of Conduct, before applying. You can find all relevant onboard documentation here.

At the community membership rate, your enrollment is supported by other members of the community. Your attendance is appreciated!

As a supporter, your membership covers your enrollment costs, including studio rent and overhead. You keep the lights on!

As a benefactor, you not only cover your enrollment costs but you also support community members, and provide a stipend to the instructor.

Sliding scale pricing explained:

* Community Membership (supported by your peers)
* Supporter Membership (covers your enrollment)
* Benefactor Membership (covers your enrollment + supports your peers + pays instructor)

If you are able to enroll at the Supporter or Benefactor Membership, your tuition supports community Members experiencing financial or resource barriers.

If you would like to clarify which pricing tier is most appropriate for you, please refer to this helpful conception by Alexis J Cunningfolk as well as the updated graphic and article by the Radical History Club (used with permission):

The Green Bottle: Where You Fall On The Sliding Scale

Where do you fall on the sliding scale? Alexis J. Cunningfolk
Little Switch Yoga has work scholarships for those interested in yoga; Grays Harbor, Aberdeen, and Hoquiam Washington

There is a lot of work to be done to keep a yoga space running in tip-top shape!

We have laundry and maintenance / cleaning of props, keeping the floor clean, keeping the Member list data in good order, email administration, and promotion and advertisement to do.

In addition, while I do a stellar job with the social media part of the biz, there is always promotional work to be done! 

If you feel like you’d be a good candidate for a work-trade Membership, you are encouraged to apply.

Priority will be given to reliability and consistency of work offered, so make sure to carefully read through the application.

Little Switch Yoga no-cost yoga events; Grays Harbor, Aberdeen, and Hoquiam Washington

Little Switch is committed to providing free pay-what-you-wish yoga events  – we hosted them in 2022 and 2023 too!

All who wish to attend, including Members, can participate.

Please sign up for emails to make sure you have first-access to these events!


The sliding scale, work scholarship, and pay-what-you-wish yoga model is founded on community involvement and support rather than a relentless grasp for large quantity membership, tiny profit margins, and mid- to low-quality service.

Without your support, it won’t work!

Within global capitalism’s framework the ethical entrepreneur is often pushed out, devoured by corporations, and encouraged to adopt tenuous or downright nefarious connections with affiliate links and other race-to-the-bottom strategies built on UNMITIGATED GROWTH – the very antithesis of sustainability.

(Further reading: Cory Doctorow’s essay on the “enshittification” of social platforms.)

Can a business like Little Switch survive? Let alone provide sustainable, quality and reliable yoga services?

Can Little Switch stabilize, and begin to foment a culture that brings forth more yoga instructors and leaders in our community?

Can Little Switch financially grow such that the organizer (hi!) is able to make at least a living wage?

I’d like to believe so!

Little Switch Yoga - Grays Harbor, Aberdeen, and Hoquiam Washington

little switch yoga
1941 riverside ave
suite 4
hoquiam, wa 98550

Land acknowledgement:

Little Switch Yoga is located on the ancestral lands of the Chehalis, Chinook, Quinault, and Shoalwater Bay peoples.

Little Switch Yoga
1941 Riverside Ave Suite 4
Hoquiam, WA 98550