Kelly Hogaboom, Little Switch Yoga in Aberdeen, Washington

My name is Agni, and I’ve been practicing yoga since 2002 – over twenty years! My first class was in the basement of a gym in Port Townsend, Washington. I even remember my first Downward Dog!

Throughout a career change, the birth and then unschooling of two children, a few moves, conversion to Buddhism and a career as an ethical artpreneur – yoga kept me company.

I am a degreed engineer, a custom designer, a podcaster, a credentialed mediator, and kind of a little goofball!

As the leader and organizer of Little Switch my primary purpose is to build a clean, reliable, electric yoga space!

Your job is to read my materials carefully (they are here!) and decide how you’d like to participate.

Together, we can build something amazing!

Whether you are here to get a workout, a “work in”, whether you want to feel better in your body and mind – or a little of all the above! – I have something to share.

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You can find classes, private instruction, and yoga series here.

little switch yoga
1941 riverside ave
suite 4
hoquiam, wa 98550

"This class was a typical Agni experience. You warmed my heart and kicked my ass!" - testimonial for Agni Hogaboom of Little Switch Yoga in Aberdeen

Land acknowledgement:

Little Switch Yoga is located on the ancestral lands of the Chehalis, Chinook, Quinault, and Shoalwater Bay peoples.

Little Switch Yoga
1941 Riverside Ave Suite 4
Hoquiam, WA 98550