What to expect in private instruction

If you are considering private instruction with me – congratulations!

This is one of the smartest and deepest investments you can make in your practice.

My private practice with my own teachers has been one of the most helpful, exhilarating, and deeply moving yoga experiences of my life! I get stronger, stretch better, work safer, breathe deeper, and experience more confidence and joy in my practice!

Not to mention I get to work on those extras that are fun to play with: headstands, splits, upward bow pose. These asana aren’t necessary to master (or even attempt) but under the guidance of an instructor I was able to progress in these advanced asanas safely! By myself and in group class, I wasn’t making headway.

Now, as an instructor myself I am so glad to be in the position to provide private sessions to my students.

If you’re thinking about private practice, here is what to expect:

I bring my particular ethos to every session.

If you don’t like what you read here, it is likely I am not a good fit for you. I am always happy to clarify any questions you have.

If you’re into my vibe, then let’s meet!

Getting ready for private instruction:

You don’t have to over-prepare. Like all my students, you need to affirm you have discussed yoga practice with a trusted and qualified professional, and you need to  review and sign my three forms: the liability waiver, attestation of health/Covid status, and photography policy. You may request these before our time together, and come to me with any questions – or we can go over them in our first session.

While we can of course meet in your home, I advise we meet in my studio space or my home.

Here’s why.

Being away from your home environment will help you put all your to-do list aside (like housework, bills to pay, et cetera) and will relieve you of any (subtle or overt) pressure to “host” me in your space.

Being away from your home environment will help you segregate your practice, and focus on your practice. You may in time develop a solid home practice (although that is hard to stick to, for many), but in many ways meeting in a private studio setting, is more impactful.

Just you and I!

You will want to come dressed comfortably, and to bring your mat. I will have props available and we will be discussing them during our time together.

Our first meeting:

You get to relax and let me ask you some questions, and take notes. This will help me better get to know your history, your goals, and your hopes.

The orientation and intake part of our session will take anywhere from fifteen to forty minutes. Then we’l get moovin’ and groovin’!


The asana, pranayama and pratyahara we work through we work through will depend on our initial discussion, as well as check-ins at the beginning of each session.


I do not touch my students without consent – no exceptions. Never worry that I will touch you in class or in private instruction without first asking.

Similarly, I do not take photographs of students without their verbal or written consent (and I don’t take many photographs in general, so you can relax about that)!

I also do not publicly identify my students without prior written or verbal consent. (Although I love it when you identify, tag, and refer me to your friends!)


Our time together and the work we do will remain entirely confidential.

Attendance and tardiness:

I will arrive on time, fed, rested and ready to focus. I ask the same of my students.

If you are feeling stressed or pressed when we get together – that is okay! We will take care of that in our time together!

But I do ask that you arrive on time, for each session. Since I booked time with you and therefore could not book time with another, there will be no refunds if you are late or do not make it to our session. However if I am unable to be there  – regardless of reason – you will receive a full refund.


Private practice is one of the deepest gifts you can give yourself. You will not regret this commitment to your yoga practice. You will also be so glad to bring a stronger, more stable practice the next time you’re in a group class!

If you’d like to purchase a multi-session package, reach out via email and we can have that conversation.

I look forward – so much! – to our time together.