how to get better at yoga

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I am in possession of the number one secret on how to get better at yoga.

I don’t know if I’m the first person to discover this –

but I never hear anyone else talk about it!


To figure out – with your super-smart brain, with all the resources available to you –

how to love yoga!

I have practiced yoga for many years but that doesn’t mean I’m “good at” yoga.

I am practiced, meaning I am used to the world of yoga.

I am familiar with many asana and I am also able to look at the instructor and translate their actions to my own (that takes practice). I have also developed more proprioception and interoception – a sense of my body in space, and a sense of my inner sensations.

I am also good at MODIFYING or RESTING during class.

Learning HOW to rest – and doing so with convidence – is a game changer.

All of this – everything I’m pretty good at above?

These abilities – mirroring, proprioception, interoception, modification and rest – take time to develop.

So if you feel a bit lost or awkward on the mat – I promise, with practice that will pass!


I just gotta keep it real here, for a minute.

If you go into yoga embarrassed about your newness, or your inflexibility, or your weakness – and if you see yoga as something where you need to “keep up” with everyone else (students, or instructors) –

then you will ENJOY YOGA LESS.

If you practice yoga and hate or dread it, you will eventually injure yourself – or quit, or both.

So my STRONG SUGGESTION is to find a way to LOVE yoga.

This could mean ONLY going to classes where you like the instructor.

Don’t punish yourself going to a “workout” type yoga class, if you don’t vibe with who is teaching.

That could mean buying yourself a really nice mat, or selecting comfortable clothing you ONLY wear to practice – to honor your practice in this way.

That could mean treating yourself to a night of rest after class – no work, no errands, whatsoever when you get home.

That could mean asking your partner to make a cup of cocoa for you when you get back home.

That could mean buying a lovely essential oil to use to wipe down your mat.

YOU are creative – YOU can figure out how to love your practice!

If you focus on the love of the practice –

you will gain every other skill mentioned here.

Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.


We have time (as far as we know).

We have time – until they day we don’t.

I want to spend my time, doing things I love – and enjoying them.

How about you?