we have punch cards!

Hello my fantastic yoga practitioners, I am writing a quick note to let you know:

We now have punch cards for class!

And it’s a super simple system!

If you purchase a punch card (link here), I will create a physical card and bring it to studio. All you gotta do is roll in and I’ll check you in!

Yoga punch cards, Little Switch Yoga Aberdeen Washington

This is a great way to make a commitment to your practice, without the headache of a weekly payment.


Why punch cards?

I created the punch card for two reasons: one, it’s something I’d like to have, to make sure to pay and then be able to breeze up every week for class! Two – let’s be honest, I’m awesome at papercraft and design and I wanted to make something cute!

How long are these punch cards good for?

As per Washington State Law, as long as I am providing group class (under my own name), these punch cards are eligible! Keep in mind these cards are ONLY for group class – not private lessons, online class, or any guest-teaching I’m doing elsewhere. The point of the punch card, is to help you make an easier commitment to class – AND secure a lower class tuition rate.

Can I apply the monetary amount of a punch card to another service (say, a private class)?

No. That would make things too complicated for me.

Just a reminder: my rates are very low at this time, so signing up for punch cards and private lessons (you can schedule those here) is smart financial sense!

Do the punch cards apply even if yoga class prices go up?

Yes! In fact that’s one of the smartest reasons to purchase a punch card!

Anything else we should know?

I highly recommend you purchase a card, then go to your OWN calendar app and schedule the classes you plan to attend.

If you don’t make time for yoga, it won’t force itself into your life!

And one more thing:

I do not at this time own my studio space. I intend to be at Maija Nordin’s for group class and private lessons every Sunday – but if something should happen and I get upended, please be patient! I will keep your punch cards on hand and get myself situated in new digs as soon as I can.

Understand I don’t anticipate having to move anytime soon – and I certainly don’t want to! – but as a once-weekly tenant of a studio, I am beholden to my landlord! And if you are a local, you know how difficult and strange the rental market here is Aberdeen at this time.

Thank you so much for your support!